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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about purchasing coverage.

What are health insurance rates?

These are estimates of the premiums you will pay for a particular plan with an insurer. Usually, premiums reflect the annual premiums you will pay for a policy. These rates may also be quoted on a semi-annual basis.

Which insurers provide quotes on your site?

Most of the top health insurance companies provide quotes on our site. When you sign up to get price estimates, you will have your choice of at least four different insurers. Some of the insurers that participate in our quotation system include Aetna, Anthem, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, and many more.

What kinds of policies can I get through this site?

You can get price estimates on almost any type of policy. The most popular products are HMO, PPO, indemnity, and POS plans. Our insurers also offer a variety of specialty policies that they can customize to accommodate your unique needs.

Will my plan include prescription drug benefits?

This is entirely up to you. Some policies include prescription drug coverage by default, others allow policyholders the option of including the coverage. Usually, plans that include prescription drug benefits will have significantly higher rates than those that don't.

If I have a preexisting condition, can I still get covered?

Depending on the nature of the condition and how well it's been managed, you might still have a chance at getting coverage. You will find that pricing vary tremendously from company to company, especially for those who are ill or have preexisting conditions. Your best bet is to shop around to find an insurer that won't charge you exorbitant premiums for your particular condition.

How can I reduce my rates?

You can reduce your premiums by either minimizing your coverage or raising your deductibles. If you are looking for rock-bottom premiums, then you will need to look for bare-bones coverage. You might look into a catastrophic illness or injury plan or an indemnity plan of some kind. Alternatively, you could increase your financial responsibility by raising your deductibles. The more financial risk you assume, the lower your rates will be.

What kind of policy offers the most flexibility?

With a policy, you will find that there is a trade off between low premiums and flexibility. The products with the most flexibility, PPO and indemnity plans, are usually also the most expensive. With these policies, you can choose the providers and hospitals that you use.